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Prostate Cancer Paid Studies

Last updated: April 2021

Many research firms offer paid research studies concerning different types of prostate cancer, and it does not hurt sharing information about your specific experience since your diagnosis.

I made up my mind early in this process to share as much about my personal experiences with prostate cancer as humanly possible. What may seem very insignificant to myself, may be just what aids another in their treatment and fight against this relentless foe.

Prostate cancer journey updates

The first thing I performed religiously early on was a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly update on my cancer journey. I normally began my update with a particular scripture from the Bible that dealt with healing of the sick. Making a point to always thank The Lord for blessing me and my family, I wanted to share a very positive vibe with all my co-workers, students, athletes, friends, and family.

Within the update, I always made a concerted effort to report everything, no matter how small the detail or how brutal. Being sure to record every aspect and thought of the treatment path, I felt no shame in letting people know some pretty intimate elements of my personal experiences.

I also took the time to personally thank those that had helped me along the way, whether it was prayers, prayer chains, prayer cloths, visits, gifts of money, cards, holding benefits, or just simply calling or texting me online.

Helping others

Receiving many messages throughout many updates, along with questions, I knew I had found a great way to help other cancer patients out during a very rough time in their lives. Some showed great interest in my treatment plans, and others questioned me about how I managed to keep such an upbeat approach to it all.

While I was reporting out to the community at large, I was also seeking out crucial information from others in my hometown that had been or were still suffering from cancer. I found comfort and great understanding from the many cancer warriors that lived just a short distance from my home.

A few even made the trek to our family farm to offer many tidbits of knowledge they had garnered during their personal struggles with cancer. This is mainly how I discovered the ability to help others while making much-needed cash for my family.

Finding research opportunities

Facebook was a wonderful tool I utilized to search for the prostate cancer research opportunities. Although many of the projects offered some cash, I also participated in many that paid no reward at all except for the warm feeling of knowing I was helping others to handle their cancer campaign. Being former military, I like to call our battle versus the cursed “C” word a campaign. We are warriors, are we not!

The prostate cancer research projects took many shapes, including simple interviews on the cell, Zoom sessions, team meeting online through Microsoft, filling out short and long surveys, allowing access to my medical records and physicians, taking selfies of my activities at home, making short videos, writing articles, or sending letters to other cancer warriors.

Rewarded emotionally

Finally, please do not take me the wrong way, you will never get rich in the financial way doing these projects, but you will be rewarded emotionally.

I believe the most I ever made financially from one of these projects may have been $400, and one paid as little as $50. Despite the small amount of cash coming in handy, the greatest reward will be the warming of the heart knowing you helped someone along what can be the lonely campaign of their life.

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