a father gets a doctor check up due to prostate cancer risks

The Risks of Prostate Cancer

I was always very cautious about my father’s health and well-being. He had a family member that suffered from cancer. We both knew that he was at high risk of also getting it. This thought sent chills down my spine.

Things got a little more intense when he started gaining a bit of weight and feeling tired. My father was a landscaper and worked very hard. I wasn’t sure what was going on. We both thought it was a problem of him getting older with age.

My dad was at higher risk

A close family member got diagnosed with cancer whom my father was caring for. The friend fought his battle against it for years unsuccessfully. I made sure that Dad did his regular check-ups, because I know how important this is.

We discussed with the doctor that he just lost a family member to cancer. His doctor wanted to have a little discussion where he disclosed that since his family had gone through prostate cancer, there is a high probability that at some point in his life, he also was at risk for it. And the doctor was right.

There can be many reasons a person can be at risk of developing cancer. But since my father's relative was directly facing a certain type of cancer, he was more prone.

Getting ahead of cancer

Keeping a person's health in check and undergoing tests after a certain age can potentially help identify warning signs of a disease from an early point, be it prostate cancer or other diseases.

The way we spend our lives already puts us at risk for so many complications. The food quality and its ingredients, our lazy habits, and junk food. With a little effort, we can work our way toward healthy lifestyle options to overcome such risks.

Being there for my father

The doctors did all the necessary initial testing, and my father eventually developed prostate cancer and throat cancer. My role as a daughter had switched overnight. I was very sad, but knew I would be there for him all the way.

I went from my father looking after someone with prostate cancer to having it, and me going from a child to a caregiver. I was lost at first. I learned to stay in contact with his healthcare provider. This was my number-one priority. I had to learn all I could overnight. I had no knowledge of these illnesses.

One of the things I have learned over the past few decades as taking on the role of caregiver is that you always have love to give, no matter what. It is so rewarding to love someone else unconditionally.

Facing challenges

To be honest, there are days that I run out of patience because I feel like I am being pulled in all directions. But caring for my father has allowed me to slow down and listen. I do get sad because of all the illnesses that he has had. But I know from childhood to adulthood that I have always shown him love and respect, no matter what.

I had to ask myself if I was up to the physical challenge of being a caregiver. Trust me, it’s not easy. Do you think you’re ready to be a caregiver? Just remember, you will come across many challenges, but remember that just being kind can bring so much light to a person’s life.

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