Father with prostate cancer sitting with daughter who is asking the doctors questions getting a second opinion

Should I Seek a Second Opinion On My Treatment?

Trusting blindly on one thing is never a good choice. But taking too many suggestions may also not be a good idea. As the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. So finding the balance between where to go and whom to ask for a suggestion can be the tricky part.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy source also matters. We had all these dilemmas when my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer (PC).

Getting guidance from others

My father and I were really in a skeptical state as to what to do. We surfed all the Facebook support groups and found so many options to approach for guidance. I wanted to know if we needed a second opinion about my father’s PC treatment plan. We were so overwhelmed and even discussed it with the Facebook group. Someone actually shared some contact information with us. This was a beginning.

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We contacted the doctor's office to know about other people's treatment experiences. He shared with us more related information. Not only was he a doctor, but a patient as well. I was just curious to know who treated him and how satisfied he was with his overall health status afterward.

He told us about his doctor and praised him for his support and guidance throughout the whole process. He was kept informed about every step and given the strength to stay firm. Even though he was a doctor, he needed guidance, too, in the face of this adversity. So, we felt that this doctor could be accessed for a second opinion. We needed professional guidance about the treatment plan and what should be considered before finalizing it.

There are no guarantees

We sat with the doctor and discussed our dilemma with him. We just needed to be sure that we were doing the right thing. He smiled and responded to our queries. The best thing he said was nobody can be 100% sure if what they are doing will turn out to be right or not.

We have to have faith at some point. Some things need to be done, and a leap of faith can be a way forward. Yes, we can make informed decisions. But no one can give us a 100% guarantee.

A second opinion helped us

Moving forward, we discussed the treatment plan we opted to go with and my father's medical reports and history. The doctor reviewed them in detail, and he was satisfied with our already-made decision. He asked my father about his lifestyle. How he was thinking about bringing some positive changes to enhance the vitality of treatment.

Overall, if I look back, I think we made the right decision to look for a second opinion. It helped us clear our heads. We were able to put our thoughts at peace, and it gave us the right push to go on with our decision. But trusting yourself and having faith in doctors in the whole process is also very important.

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