A person is being squished under the weight of a large heap of cash.

No Financial Toxicity of Society

The term financial toxicity emerged in 2013. I had never heard of it until now. This is such a strong term. This is a story of a prostate cancer patient telling his story in his own words.

Financial debt

Ever since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I have been facing financial debt. Was the cruelty of the disease not enough for me to go through? So, the society decided to put some extra pressure on me. Yeah, I am talking about the financial toxicity of the treatment of this atrocious disease.

I get gravely stressed when I think of how this society is sucking my financial assets out of me in the name of treatments. I would not even call it a treatment. The money I am spending on recovering is not letting me recover. It is giving me financial debt and grievous strain. I feel like I pay just to get this stress.

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Thinking about money

Every night, I sleep with a thought in mind that I am consuming all just to increase the days of life. I keep wondering what I would do to feed my family once I get my life extended. Sometimes I think of giving up.

But I fail to gather up the courage to give up. I wake up with the thoughts running through my head. The thoughts about ways to save money for my family and get back to normal. How do I get more money?

I could not blame the prostate cancer for emptying my pockets. It is the brutality and remorseless society that is sucking every penny out of me. It wants me to be healthy again but die of hunger in the future. But if I die of hunger, it would not be one death only. My family would be affected with me not being here.

Not giving up

By now, you must be wondering if I am about to give up on this treatment. Of course not, I will not give up. I will keep fighting with the disease and the remorseless society simultaneously. Make my voice heard for every prostate cancer patient.

I will not let every cancer patient suffer while the society feasts on our money. This financial burden that the society puts on us will be removed someday. I will speak for myself and for us.

Working two jobs in a day

Let me tell you how I am tolerating the financial toxicity of this treatment. I work at a place in the day for 8 hours, then go for my follow-ups and treatments, then I have another 6-hour shift. That is how I am trying to make both ends meet. Do you think it is fair and easy for a cancer patient to have two jobs in a day?

Despite all the pain and stress, I must do it. Because if I will not, I may die of cancer and my family of hunger. These deaths would be upon the cruel society. I would like to end my story here.

Thoughts from Diane

This is just a story of one patient of prostate cancer. I wonder how many other families are suffering and dying due to this financial burden that the society puts on them. Think about it and help them survive.

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