The Warrior Versus the Worrier

Last updated: August 2022

A warrior can be defined as a person engaged in some struggle or conflict. But what’s the definition of a worrier? Broadly, it can be defined exactly the same. A worrier is engaged in struggle or conflict as well.

A warrior is engaged aggressively and with fervor in an activity, cause or battle. A worrier – the same.

A warrior is focused and has direction. A worrier – again, the same can be said of the worrier. But the worrier’s focus and direction differ significantly from that of the warrior.

The differences

Warriors have discipline and order. They assess what’s going on and what they need to do. They make sure they have the tools needed to fight and set their plan in place. A worrier can be flustered and not know what to do, what to think, how to even start. A worrier hasn't developed the tools for battle.

A warrior sets out to accomplish whatever needs to be done to make things better. The worrier wonders when things will ever get better.

The warrior knows there’s a battle ahead and is prepared. Exercising, eating right, getting rest, ready to take on what’s next. The worrier can’t sleep, doesn’t eat, or eats the wrong things to help satisfy some kind of need that can’t be met through the circumstances. Maybe alcohol helps, or cigarettes, or self-indulgence.

The what if's

There’s an enormous difference in how the warrior and worrier manage what they are facing. The distinction is in the preparation, the impact, the drive, and the outcome.

A warrior expects that efforts made will achieve positive results. That’s what the warrior strives for.  What can I do to make this better? What can I do to achieve success? What can I do to eliminate this problem? The warrior mindset is determined to overcome the challenges of the situation, willing to invest everything that's needed to face problems head on.

The worrier looks at the "but" or the "what if" or the "why." "What if this happens?" "Why did this have to happen?" "I just don’t know what to do." "Will I be able to handle this?" "I just don’t know where to turn."

Deciding how to live

Not sure where you fall?  I think when we’re hit with a crisis such as a major health issue, we don’t start in the warrior mode. We worry, plain and simple. We ask lots of questions, as there are so many unknowns. We have strong concerns about what’s to come. We worry about the future, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones and others.

But there comes a point when we have to make a decision. How will we live: warrior or worrier?

The will to live life to the fullest is strong in all of us. Yes, it’s a tough road when we’re faced with cancer or when a loved one is sick. There will be challenges and adversity, fears, disappointments. Those don’t always go away even in the warrior mode. We may not always feel equipped, but we don’t give up.

We keep pushing

We seek answers. We do our research. We participate in the treatment plan and listen to and work with our medical professionals. We look to others to help, and we look to help others. We share our experiences and knowledge, as our story could be just the encouragement someone needs at that moment. There are times we worry, but we fight on. Warriors in mind, warriors in heart, warriors in action. We are all warriors.

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