A man with a pained expression puts his hand on his shoulder. Inside the silhouette of his body is a stormy mountain landscape.

The Weather in Your Bones

Last updated: October 2022

One very unique skill that my advanced prostate cancer with extensive bone metastasis stage 4 has developed is that of being able to read the approaching changes in the weather through the pain in my cancer-ridden bones.

Many folk put forth there is no way humanly possible I can tell when the weather is about to alter simply by the pain in my bones. I am here to testify, as can my wife and caregiver, that I can and often do predict extreme fluctuations in the weather.

Bones start to ache

If we are currently experiencing a heatwave and my bones begin to ache as my joints start to tighten, I know we are about to have some rain, along with some cooler temperatures. Recently, as of this writing, we suffered a huge ice and snow storm here in the Appalachian Mountains, and my bones let me know far ahead of the storm that our weather was about to change in a big way.

People around me were doubting the weather forecast, and few believed we would receive any ice or snowfall. I confided in them I had no doubt whatsoever we would get plenty of snow and ice.

Predicting the weather

Just as the feeling in my bones and joints predicted, we received a major winter storm, including much ice, and around 7 to 10 inches of the white stuff. Many just looked at me with curiosity and shook their heads. It is hard to explain, but I feel a pressure change within my body and bones. Once one has felt this in their body, there is no mistaking what is about to occur in regards to the weather.

Doctors also say that weather and changes in temperature or barometric pressure can influence joint pain.1

A superpower

I look at this newfound skill as a superpower given to me by cancer. Usually, there is not much in the way of positive effects brought on by our terrible disease, but this to me is simply one of those positive powers.

Sure it hurts and it is not at all enjoyable, however I love teasing those who have doubted my weather predictions. In a life where cancer has made it very difficult to find any positives, I look for anything that will brighten my day.

Being able to forecast the weather due to my injured bones is a simple pleasure that I completely enjoy and will always enjoy.

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