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Wellbeing With Prostate Cancer, and Seeing a Counselor

Last updated: December 2022

Being diagnosed with any cancer is really a tough pill to swallow. If it's your loved one, seeing them suffer makes it even more tough. When my father got the prostate cancer diagnosis, he was in a very depressive state. At the time I didn’t know this, but I knew there were times he wasn’t himself.

He would sit silently, and it was really difficult to make him talk. His situation was getting worst with every passing day. Most of the time he wanted to be alone. No matter how much I tried, he just would not talk or share his thoughts with anyone.

Getting emotional help for my father

I went to his doctor and told him about his state of emotions. We were all worried. We were dying every day seeing him losing his grip over his existence. It was really heartbreaking, and I couldn’t take it anymore. After discussing it with his doctor, he recommended some counseling. He referred him to a known counselor for this purpose.

It gave me some hope that he might return back to his self again. He was getting all the necessary treatment for his prostate cancer. His emotions needed tending, too. There were times he was not opening up to me about what he was thinking all the time. So having a counselor on board seemed like a good start-up point. I immediately booked an appointment for him with the counselor and managed to take him there.

Seeing a counselor

First session was quite a success, since the counselor made him talk a little bit. Although it was just an introductory thing, seeing him talk gave me a ray of hope. They had a little talk, and I was hopeful about some good outcomes.

I also sat with the counselor to ask him about my role and what should I do to help. That counselor was kind enough to explain to me that being diagnosed with cancer impacts people differently. It impacts them on emotional levels, and it's quite an anticipated reaction that he is giving. His doctor said it will take some time, because emotions take time in their own way. We all had to be patient with his progress and his current situation.

Seeing progress

I understood what he was trying to say. Family and friends had to be by his side and be his support. He was going through the whole process of rediscovering himself. We had to make sure that he regularly visits his counselor. All of us were witnessing little changes in him. A glimpse of his true self was getting clearer with every passing session. He was coming back to life, more actively taking part in his cancer treatment as well. This was making me happy.

Emotional wellbeing is such a necessity for everyone, especially those who have to face such diseases like cancer. The thing we can do for them is to offer our support. Whether it is just talking to them, listening to what they have to say, hear them out. Listen to their fears or maybe their general thoughts. Mental and emotional wellbeing is important. We as their rock should make sure that they feel safe and optimistic towards their life.

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