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Last updated: November 2022

Cancer that doesn't leave

Cancer, once diagnosed is always with you, lurking in the background of everyday life and sometimes it nudges you, reminding you that this sinister presence is there. Since diagnosis and chemotherapy 4 years ago, cancer has taken so much from me. Fitness, work, and any kind of intimacy with my wife. It's relentless.

Cancer in the eye

And now, after an Iritis eye infection doctor's have discovered a cancerous tumor in my eye. Soo on Monday I'm traveling to Liverpool University Hospital, the Ocular Oncology cancer clinic and I've been told to expect to be admitted for treatment. So, once again our lives have been turned upside down by cancer, it does make us wonder what we've done to deserve this awful diagnosis. Hopefully, I'll keep you updated, let's hope there's a good outcome.

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