Another month of not knowing...

Well, here we are some more, knew the cancer is there with Gleason scores of 7-10 on biopsies in April. So first of may follow-up doc says let's do a plasma/ct scan before doing any treatment plan.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Ok, now a couple of anomalies on the pet scan bother him so now once more x-rays and 2 more MRIs to look at that before starting any treatment. His discussion results in stage 1 or 2 to now most likely a stage 4 diagnosis. Not scary at all, changes your whole perspective on the future. Now another month of waiting and thinking about all the scenarios that could pretty much drive me nutty. Will not have the results until Jun 21.

Mindset now

The mind immediately goes to the worst case and comes up with major life changes, mental, physical, financial, and time left. If stage 4 then everything changes dramatically as I understand. Gotta turn the mindset around for sanity.

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