Badly Served

I feel badly served by the medical community.

Medical Experience

Never has an oncologist taken the time to explain to me all treatment options available and the prognosis associated with each; along with expected side effects and what it does to each grade of cancer. Each oncologist has target-fixation and treats me the best way based on their experience and inclination. My care has been reactive. Watch the PSA as though it is a talisman. Consult the NCCN guidelines, which are pure baloney. Why not find out what oncologists from elsewhere are doing?

Poor communication with doctors

And then I get platitudes: a PSA of 5 is not high, 200 is high! Sit with me and explain all options and the implications and likely results of each. This is more like veterinary medicine, nobody is enlightening the patient. Prostate cancer treatment is like a Chinese Fire Drill. I understand that nobody has the time to invest in me.

Patients first?

Rationalize this for me: Dana-Farber won’t do Zoom or phone calls to patients out-of-state. So I have to drive to Dana-Farber while immunocompromised and worried about this pandemic. Yet, Brigham has no such restriction. Is this putting patients first? I’m not bitter, but I am disappointed. God Bless Us, Everyone.

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