BRCA2 mutation positive, doing all tests

78-year old, 6’ 2”, 150 # competitive rower, and avid snowboarder. Life is a dream at this time but with a rising PSA (only 3.1 at this time) and with the overshadowing of BRCA2 gene mutation I am on high alert.

The diagnosis

In the past month: Multiparametric 3t MRI (Pirads 3), 4K score=11%, Pylarify PSMA/PET scan, and all other tests hint at suspicious, but, the inconclusive potential for malignant cells in the prostate, but nothing outside the prostate. So, I will try to get an MRI FUSION, ultrasound-guided biopsy next week. If malignant cells are found in the biopsy and if my Telemedicine Dr. Heather Cheng, a specialist in genetic factors at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, concurs; I think I will elect to go for robotic prostatectomy.

Concerns of the complications

Its potential complications, like radiation and hormone therapy, seem to carry many of the same complications, but the added fatigue associated with the latter will probably ruin up to two years of my rowing competition and turn me into a depressed ass hole. Just sayn’!

My friends and their experience

Five of my very good friends have had prostatectomies by the same Dr. William Ellis at the University of Washington and they ALL claim they are the poster boy for prostatectomy. I.e. no side effects. Not sure I totally believe them but that’s what they say. Another Dr who has been highly recommended is Dr. Peter Carol at the University of California at San Francisco. That’s my story. Any comments would be appreciated. Please excuse any typos.

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