I Changed My Primary Care Doctor

I had my annual Medicare health screening about 3 years ago. The prior year my PSA was 8.6 and I asked about a PSA. "Oh, we don't do a PSA anymore at your age". Later that year, I took myself to a Urologist, as I was exhibiting all the problems connected to an enlarged prostate.

My PSA at that time was 16.3. The Urologist took 24 biopsies. 22, yes 22! showed cancer. An MRI showed I was stage 4A, with cancer literally less than an mm from escaping to the bone!

After eight weeks of radiation and hormone therapy and my, PSA is .02. I have exhibited all of the classic problems of 'manopause.' I also, because of the radiation, just came up with a problem in the colon which has now caused red blood in my stool. The cure for that has caused occasional diarrhea. As I said in my title, I changed Primary Care Doctors immediately. I wish I could have sued for damages, but that did not seem to be in the cards.

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