Common Sense

Looking for board certified doctors

First I look for Only Board Certified. I was told if a doctor were to get treatment he would use a board certified Doctor, Common sense if that who a doctor choses, thats who I'm gonna chose. wWell my first doctor had all certs, did my Biopsy, I go back to see him for results, get to office, he's gone. What Do you mean he's gone? They won't say, only that he will be back in 3 months. Then his assistants, say I have an aggressive for and we should take action asap. He says we can do active surveillance; to me I'm thinking "for what? You said its aggressive. Surveillance to watch it spread?" Common sense, no thank you. Next is rad, whats that gonna do for me, well out comes are different for everyone. Well, no offence, I don't care about everyone. Then I ask cant we just get rid of it. He said best chance is remove it (Surgery). He says I can do that, I ask him are you board cert, he say no but I'm his assistant. I can do what ever he can do, common sense, Not board cert!!! I'm out of there.

New to the area, turning to religion

I don' t know a soul where I live, just moved here. So now I go home, and I'm alone. I turn to my good friend Jesus, I say i have a problem I don't know a soul here. I need help, please lead me and guide me on what to do, I got on line on the phone, look for doctors, and one group kept coming up, they have like 20 doctors there. Then I kept looking at the pictures, there certifications, and now I'm also looking to see if they are christian. During 60 hours of this I kept getting drawn to one doctor; He was a christian and a top surgeon. So, I feel I'm being told something. The Lord is saying "this is your man." So, Surgery it was, I trust in Jesus, that may not sound easy, but for me it was, from diagnose to surgery was less than 7 weeks.

Next treatment, radiation

Now 2 and a half years later I'm facing trying to choose radiation which is much harder. Because common sense here back fires, common sense tells me, you don't bomb you body with rad, but it might be best. So, now common sense is in the Way! God Bless to all in this fight, rest in Jesus , use only board cert specialist in the field of what ever choice procedure you use. And make sure they don't look down on you when you talk to them. If for any reason you have doubts seek a different doc. Hope this helps. If you just relax , think clearly, ya I know think clearly- thats a joke, but try. Do some research and I believe it will be easy, but you choose!!! Not the doctor. That just me after my first experience. Once again, I hope this helps even one person. God bless.

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