Last updated: May 2023

Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

I was diagnosed in 2013. Initial PSA was around 40. Biopsy was positive but I can’t remember the numbers. Prostate was removed in Nov. 2013, (they found one cancer cell outside the prostate), followed by 1 year of hormone therapy (Trelstar every 3 months), and a full round of radiation therapy in spring of 2014. After radiation, I was pronounced cancer free. PSA started increasing 2-3 years ago. Bicalutamide was started about 2 years ago, then Lipton shots were added in the fall of 2022 with PSA of around 3.5. I’ve had 3 shots and my PSA is 0.22. I’ve said all that to say I’m maintaining activity levels including frequent bass fishing, lots of activities with grandkids, and very active in church. Depending on what activities the day holds I walk a mile outside with my wife daily. During the winter I worked out with light barbells every other day. I can fish 5 hours in my boat.

Staying busy after prostate cancer

I do all my maintenance on my 2001 Ford truck and my 2004 Ranger boat. Yesterday my fishing buddy and I had a fish fry for 19 people. The day before I helped load a mobile food pantry trailer and today I worked 4 hours volunteering at our church community meal washing dishes. Tomorrow morning I go at 7:30 to assist a bedridden friend to attend her son’s graduation. Yes, I’m busy. I get tired but recover pretty quickly. I have hot flashes that alternate with chills. I sweat during the night often in between chilling. I usually sleep 6-7 hours. I had open heart surgery in November 2014 also but staying active keeps me going. I do wonder what the future holds when my current medication stops working. However, I believe my faith in Jesus sustains my positive attitude and outlook. I appreciate this site which provides a large amount of information. Please stay positive and keep moving.

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