Didn’t believe it

Family history of cancer

Lots of significant cancer in my immediate family: colon, and breast. Never expected prostate cancer - had heard little about it. Actually didn’t believe when I got first results: PSA year prior 0.0; 12 months later, routine insurance physical: PSA 15. I was seeing my patients that day. Hard to focus afterward. Denial? Biopsy confirmed: PSA 15.6; Gleason 3+3 and lots of 3+4. Wife out of town on business trip. Told her after 2nd confirmation. Re-confirmed at City of Hope for a consult.

Supportive wife

Wife very supportive - decided on surgery after lots of medical research. Not a good prognosis. Support of friends, colleagues, and family - I never told them but word spread rapidly (wife?) Incredible support I never expected. Learned to really turn it over to G_d and medical experts and prayer. Ten years in I’ve learned this has a life of its own - went from aggressive to very slow-growing biochemical reoccurrence. I’m blessed.

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