Early detection

PSA testing and early detection

All men should have a PSA test once a year after they turn 50. My PSA test was very good a lot until I turned 74. That’s when my PSA jumped from 3.2 to 5.2 at my next yearly physical. My PSA jumped to 5.6 my GP said I needed to see a urologist when I did get to see the route urologist the PSA test they did with the 8.2. The doctor told me I was in trouble. He did a biopsy come back as cancerous. I had an operation to remove my prostate after the operation. My doctor told me it was a good thing we operated when we did because I was stage four. I went through eight weeks of radiation, which took a lot out of me far as physical strength. I’m feeling good now, I haven’t got the results for this year, but after two negatives previously I think it should be pretty good. That’s my story.

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