Exercise and ADT

ADT side effects

This may help someone else with ADT side effects. About four months prior to ADT and radiation I decided to start a formal exercise program because I read this would help lessen the side effects. I joined our city parks and recreation facility. Really nice facility and helpful people and really inexpensive-$25 per month. It has a pool, indoor track, loads of exercise equipment, and basketball and paddle ball courts.

I was in reasonably good shape but about 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. So I started off slow and kept a diary of what I did - sets, reps, weight, stretching exercises, 5 BX exercises, etc. I did this to track my progress and to know when I needed to up the weight or increase the reps per set.

Social life and exercise

It kind of also became a social event. The younger guys and gals would give me help and pointers. I forgot to mention I am 80. There was one older guy like myself and Jake and I have become friends. Unfortunately, he has no family and is fighting Leukemia so I offered to drive him to his appointments and do his shopping, etc.

Well over those first four months. I lost 10 pounds and now that winter is behind me I can walk in the forest instead of using the indoor track. I have become fairly religious about my workouts. Six days a week I do stretch for 10 minutes, 30 minutes of resistance training on the machines, and two or three days a week I play pickleball for about an hour or so but the best part is Skye, my dog hikes the national forest for an hour each day. She is an old lady and is in superb shape because of this exercise.

So what does this all have to do with prostate cancer and ADT? I have been on Lupron for 8 weeks and a week prior to starting that I am still on Casodex. Knock on wood but I have NO side effects. I attribute that to my workout program and having a positive attitude. Yes, I am a success story but it can happen to you with some dedication and some work.

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