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first symptoms of prostate cancer

My cancer story started with a pain in my neck. The Dr originally gave me pain meds and then I had a complete physical and found my PSA at 1074. Had a biopsy and while waiting for the results I ended up in the ER and they confirmed the cancer diagnosis. The ER doctor contacted my urologist and contacted my present oncologist and set up a treatment plan.

Treatment plan for prostate cancer

I had an appointment to meet my oncologist and find out what was happening but there was an opening in the radiology department and when I checked in for the oncologist they sent me to get a mask made for radiation and an appointment for radiation the next day. Two days later I met my oncologist and learned I had stage IV prostate cancer we discussed the treatment that she had planned for me and that I had the maximum radiation I could have. I finished up two weeks of bicalutamide and started ADT treatment (zoladex) with zytiga and prednisone daily. I also had zometa to help with bone strength. The pain in my neck disappeared about a week after the radiation and I went from 3-4 oxycodone every 3-4 hours to none. I am on the initial treatment almost 4 years later, but should have more input on future treatments.

Second opinion confirms treatment decision

I got a second opinion and he thought it was the right treatment and wouldn't change anything but is available for consultation when this first treatment stops working. I have become a vegetarian and try to get more exercise to help the treatment. I have most of the side effects of ADT treatments the worst are hot flashes, impotence, fatigue, depression, anger, and anxiety.

Medical cannabis for cancer

I use cannabIs to control the depression, anger, and anxiety at night so I can sleep. I am trying to find a way to keep from loosing it over minor problems and things I have no control over ( I had a PSA test come back as <128 which is not the way it would be expressed and I knew there was a mistake but several hours later I couldn't function). Mentally I am close to the edge and don't have any way of dealing with things when I can rationally explain what is happening but my mind just keeps going. We will keep trying things until I find something that works for me.

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