gleason seven 3+4 4 years ago.

Normal PSA, diagnosed with cancer after Gleason test

My doctor without knowing that I had cancer of the prostate performed a TURP on me as I was having BPH symptoms and my PSA was completely normal at 1.4. Much to my surprise after the biopsy came back with the chips, the result was Gleason 3+4. It's been 4 years since diagnosed and my PSA which I do every 4 months continues to be under 2.0. The last one was 1.4 and my doctor says don't do anything as you are most likely to die of anything but prostate cancer. I have had two MRIs in the past 4 years and both revealed little to nothing to indicate metastasis.

Worried about metastasis

Still, I am a little worried that cancer could get out of the cage, and then the problem would be bigger. Never had a regular biopsy, as my urologist says it's not necessary and it would be overkill at the moment. I trust my urologist's judgment, what are your opinions?

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