Helping to reduce prostate cancer

Last updated: September 2022

Learing prostate cancer

I have had prostate cancer for eight years. I’ve been learning all I can about it for eight years. I did not know eggs were bad for prostate cancer and I was concerned about 14-a-week jumbos. My PSA shot Up to 6.0 two years ago.

Vitamins for prostate cancer

I started taking vitamins that are effective against prostate cancer. They are Avmacol that you can order online. Next is Dim from the Vitamin Shoppe. Also Pomi-T from Life extension. Luteolin, boron 9 mg a day, turmeric triple strength 900 mg from the Vitamin Shoppe.

Diet for prostate cancer

Limit your meat intake to 1 pound a week total of all meats. Do not eat processed meat. Only eat skinless chicken. Eat turkey Boars Head, not processed turkey. Do not drink milk stay away from dairy cheese is OK on your sandwich for the calcium. Eight lots of fruits and vegetable broccoli kills prostate cancer. One of the best supplements I mention was Avmacol. It is concentrated broccoli sprouts. Pomi-T. I mentioned earlier can knock down prostate cancer by 30 to 40% by itself. No side effects good for your whole body all the supplements I mentioned. Try not to use any sugar, use Stevia, or if you like ice cream eat Enlighten light which has very little sugar, not keto which has too much fat.

Lowering PSA

In the two years I met my new urologist I lowered my PSA from 6.0 in six months to 5.3 then six months later 4.8 then six months later 3.6 then six months later which was about two weeks ago 2.4. My urologist says don’t worry about anything just keep doing what you’re doing he is actually amazed. Hope this helps people it sure did me.

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