I knew it was going to happen!

Family history of prostate cancer

My father had prostate cancer (late in life). My older brother was diagnosed at age 52, had a radical prostatectomy, and has been healthy at age 80. He has four sons, all of whom have been forewarned. Since my brother's diagnosis, my primary care doctor and I have kept very close tabs on my PSA, having it tested yearly.

Proactive education

I continued to educate myself about PC. As my PSA started to rise, my primary referred me to a urologist. We continued to watch the PSA slowly rise. When the PSA doubled in a year, I had a biopsy. The urologist predicted that I had a 25% chance of a positive diagnosis. I had prepared myself due to my self-education for a positive diagnosis. I felt I was "on the ball" in knowing what to expect.

Prostate cancer diagnosis

Sure enough, when the urologist walked into the treatment room with the test results, he carried a booklet on treating PC. Positive with a Gleason 6 (3+3). As my PSA continued to rise and my Gleason 6 became a Gleason 7 (4+3). After consulting with 5 different specialists I decided to have a robotic radical prostatectomy at Dana Farber in 2012.

Radiation and stable PSA

I did have to have salvage radiation about 7 months later due to rising PSA. Ten years later at 75 years old, my PSA remains undetectable. Aftereffects are some stress incontinence and ED, symptoms which are manageable. Annual checkups with a urologist and a medical oncologist.

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