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Last updated: September 2022

Prostate cancer diagnosis

I was 62 when diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had been going for PSA/digital exams for years and finally decided to have a biopsy after my PSA had quickly risen to slightly above 5. My urologist that did the biopsy came into the examining room and informed me that I had the "real deal". My Gleason score was 9 which was also not good news. I elected to have robotic radical surgery to remove the prostate. 10 years later cancer returned to my sacral lymph nodes and I am also incontinent. At this time I am using an estradiol gel as my only form of ADT which is currently keeping cancer sleeping.

Response to the community

I agree with Bobby Bofinger 100% about getting tested even though your PSA is below 4.0, especially with significant family history. My older brother had a biopsy when his PSA was less than 3.0 and found out that he had PCa. He immediately told the doctor that he wanted the surgery and today (21 years later) he is cured and is totally continent. I only wish that I had been more proactive and had a biopsy sooner since we also have a significant family history.

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