It was sudden

Heartburn as a symptom

I have been dealing with heartburn for many years. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia many years ago. The last year 2022 I was needing to change heartburn meds because they would quit working. I was on using Nexium which has a warning statement regarding usage. Well, Sept 2022 I had such terrible lower stomach pain that it had me bent over. Not the usual heartburn pain.

Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

My wife insisted I go to the Doctor, which I did. One of the first things that was done was a blood test. My PSA was 12.12, that brought on the onslaught of tests and scans. Finally, in November 2022 a biopsy tested positive for Cancer. Now I was expecting to have Hiatal Hernia surgery, which is very minor. Now I am faced with Radiation or Radical Prostatectomy. My family and I agreed to have the surgery, I am 67 years old. Feb 14, 2023, I had the surgery. Spent 1.5 days in the hospital, sent home with a catheter. Feb 22, 2023, the catheter was removed. My main issue now is the incontinence. And the fact cancer had spread to my L and R Seminal Vesicle, so when I "dry up" I will need Radiation. I have no idea what that means or what other issues I will need to recover from after the radiation is done. Hints anyone? I have been very healthy all my life, other than knee surgeries when I was younger and a herniated disk in my back, everything has been good.

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