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Prostate cancer diagnosis

Diagnosed in the fall of 2022 after a PSA of 14 and a positive biopsy. I explored the two main options for someone of my age, 80--surgery and radiation. Drove a long way (to Naples, FL) to hear the surgeon tell me straight off that surgery for someone my age is not recommended. A few days later, I was set up for a 28-session program of radiation.

Radiation for prostate cancer

So I did the radiation, every weekday for about 6 weeks. I had the usual side effects--some fatigue, some urinary and bowel irregularity, but that was about all. Most times, I had only a few minutes to wait for my turn on the table. And the radiation clinic was only about 15 minutes from my house. All in all, not a terrible ordeal.

Life after prostate cancer

I'm now about 6 weeks out from my last zapping. A couple of weeks ago, I had my first post-treatment PSA. 3.9! I was thrilled and relieved. I am aware that the number could bounce back up, so I'll be getting tests every couple of months for the foreseeable future. I'm symptom-free, other than the standard array of slings and arrows to which flesh of 8 decades is prone. I'm looking forward to my next PSA, later this summer. And to hear my urologist tell me that I'm a full-fledged cancer survivor.

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