Kidney stones finally caught Prostate Cancer

Kidney Stones

While fighting kidney stones for the last 10 + years, the frequency was getting more prevalent, and that sent me to a urologist, who asked when was the last time I had a digital exam, I replied it had been a while. I couldn’t remember. So, an exam was taken and the urologist said I needed a biopsy immediately. Prior to the biopsy, I had a prostate MRI done, and it turned up a host of problems.

Prostate cancer diagnosis

Enlarged prostate, bone Mets, lymph enlargement as well as seminal vesicles. I then went through the biopsy which verified my worst nightmare, Gleason 9 4/5 and it was off to the races. Our first meeting with Onco was a cold hard fact that he estimated I had 5 years with an extra 15 months if I did chemo and antigen therapy upfront. PSA went from 45 to 0.02 in six months. I was feeling pretty good, sex drive in the dirt, but, I was able to continue to work and maintain a fairly normal life.

Managing reccurence

Fast forward 1 year later, PSA has been on the rise, and bone Mets are killing me to the point I can hardly walk or stand. We start a second hormone therapy next month to help with rising PSA, which Onco uses as a sole source for PC spread.

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