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Difficulty making a treatment decision

I found it very difficult to make a decision on which treatment was best for my prostate cancer. My condition advanced very fast in less than 6 months. My PSA score had jumped way up !

I was totally scared at the time! I was told I had cancer in both lobes of my prostate which showed after a 12 core biopsy. They gave me a Gleason score of 7.

Doctor's recommended treatment for prostate cancer

My oncologist and urologist said that my condition was serious enough and advised me that the best treatment option would be surgical removal of my prostate. So I went thru a series of required tests to determine that my cancer was still contained within my prostate and I was told I would have any better chance of survival. They said the cancer had not gone to any other parts of my body.

This all started 11 years ago, right before Christmas holidays, it really had me by surprise and I could not clearly make any kind of what treatment was best for me. Most of the treatments were a what if, "wait and see" if this or another may work. So I was strongly advised to go with surgery. I went with surgery and I have been cancer free going on 11+ years!

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