MRI with Contrast: Chuck's Story

I was diagnosed and began treatment at 82 years old. My primary care physician informed me that I had a PSA of 11.

MRI with contrast

Instead of immediately seeking out a urologist, he recommended I have an MRI with contrast. The MRI indicated where I had lesions and assigned me a PI-RADS 5.

There were several advantages to this process:

  1. It could have prevented me from having unnecessary biopsies;
  2. It allowed the urologist to do guided biopsies in the areas identified by the MRI (he took 5 instead of the usual dozen or so);
  3. The MRI also assisted in guiding the proton radiation which I ultimately received.

PSA since treatment

I also underwent two years of treatment with Lupron (for ADT). My last injection was in April of this year. I've had two PSA's since the radiation - both were less than 1.

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