My experience with PSA

At the age of 60 In January 2006 I turned in a "high PSA" of 4.7.

Monitoring prostate cancer

I chose to follow the path of regular monitoring. Over the next 6 years, my PSA culminated in a PSA of 10 in 2016. During this period I had a couple of biopsies performed which showed a few spots of cancer with a value of a 3 +3 Gleason score. We continued with Active Surveillance and monitored a varying PSA slowly moving up. At the point of reaching a PSA of 23, an MRI was done.

Prostate cancer MRI results

The MRI did show a PiRads 5 and 4 lesion in the middle portion of the prostate. At this point, I chose to begin treatment. I received 5 weeks of radiation which resulted in a PSA of 1.2. My 6 month follow-up lab tests will be done this month (May 2022). The entire process has been absent of any particular discomfort, physical or emotional.

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