My Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Saved My Life From Lung Cancer

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in February 2020. If Covid wasn't enough to worry about! It was determined that my disease was aggressive with a Gleason score of 9.

prostate cancer surgery

I made the choice to have surgery, and it was scheduled for March 25. However, after going through the customary scans, the oncologist who was supporting my urologist noticed a spot on my lower left lung when she viewed one of my scans. She did not feel comfortable moving forward until we understood the nature of the lesion on my lung.

lung cancer diagnosis with prostate cancer

I was promptly sent for a PET scan which did not identify the lesion as cancer. I then had a lung biopsy (not fun at all) which revealed that I have another primary form of cancer. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with fear at the thought of having two different types of cancer. At that point, lung cancer took priority. I ended up having a lobectomy of my lower left lung on April 17. Thankfully, cancer had not spread to any lymph nodes. It was graded stage 1C. After eight weeks of healing from the lung surgery, I had my prostate removed on June 25.

prostate cancer saved my life

Ultimately, the scans driven by my prostate diagnosis revealed another threat to my life. I guess it's odd to say that the prostate diagnosis probably saved my life from lung cancer.

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