Newly Diagnosed

Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer

I'm 68 and was diagnosed with prostate cancer about a month ago. My PSA has been steadily rising for the past three years. Two years ago my family doc referred me to a urologist. An MRI showed nothing so we decided to keep monitoring. My PSA continued to climb and another MRI in August showed a suspected tumor. Biopsy found Adenocardinoma, Acinar type in four of thirteen samples.

Decided on prostatectomy as a treatment

My PSA was 10 and Gleason score was 3+4=7. The MRI showed the tumor was confined to the prostate and all the surrounding tissue looked clear. I was given three options. Wait, radiation or robot assisted surgery. My wife and I are recently retired and have plans for lots of travel in the future. For me waiting wasn't an option. My first reaction was "I want this thing gone, NOW!" Urologist thought this was the best decision for me and my surgery is scheduled in four weeks. I'm certainly not looking forward to it, but am confident this is the right move for me.

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