Not sure about my doctor need advice

I have stage four metastatic prostate cancer. I’ve been on abiraterone since the middle of October. I already had Casodex and have gotten my 6-month Lupron injection. I have been getting radiation treatment once a week for six weeks. I have one radiation treatment left.

My questions

My questions are: How often should I get blood work done? I had one 11/3 then he did one on 11/17. I asked why not wait till my last radiation treatment a week later which would have been 3 weeks. He said it didn’t matter. I’m leaving for Florida till April, I asked when should I get blood work. He said that if everything came back after this last one which was just two weeks later I wouldn’t have to have one till April.

Questionable directions

They told me I had to watch my liver taking all these medications. I would think they would be a protocol that you would get your blood work done every so many weeks. I asked when I would have another bone scan to see if they got it off the bones or not he said "well you could do one in three months you could do one in six months whatever you want." It’s like who’s the doctor here?

Reaching out to the community

I’m confused. I’m just wondering there’s got to be a protocol on that too? Like, OK, you get your bone scan done after so many weeks of being on this drug. Does anybody have any information on what they’ve gone through or what their doctor did? I’m not waiting for five months to have my blood work done again. They said they’re supposed to keep an eye on your liver because of all these drugs. I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Digger.

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