Only a few days since I learned of my diagnosis

First of all, I want to clarify that you will encounter syntax and spelling errors since English is my second language.

Prostate cancer diagnosis

I'm a man 67 years old. At the end of 2019, I had a routine test and the prostate antigen gave 6.5 so I went to see the urologist. He gave a couple of medications and after a little more than one month my PA dropped to 4.5; so I ended the treatment, as I didn't feel any symptoms.

Pandemic and prostate cancer

Then came the pandemic, so I used that as an excuse and didn't get tested until the end of 2021. There my AP indicated 8. The doctor gave me the same medications as before, but this time not only did it not go down, but it increased to 9. A couple of months later it had risen to 9.5 so I was given a biopsy, even though the touch inspection remained without any suspicious evidence.

Prostate cancer prognosis

The biopsy gave: Gleason: 4+4 Score de Gleason: 8 Prognostic group grade: 4 Just on the right side of my prostate. The left side reminded without evidence. No evidence of having come out of the prostate. The doctor told me it's high risk. He told me I have 2 options: 1-surgery. 2- Treatment with hormones and rays. I chose hormones and rays, as I have heard that with surgery there is a good chance of being left with urinary incontinence and permanent impotence.
At this moment I am waiting for the social worker to approve the medication to start the treatment with hormones.
I feel very insecure, as I don't have too much information from my doctor. In this underdeveloped country, doctors take care of many patients and lend little time and attention.

Concern for the future

Needless to say, I am very worried and depressed. I can't find internet support in Spanish; that's why I turn to this site, as someone recommended it to me. It is difficult since I do not present almost any symptoms (maybe a little decrease in the urine stream). But I feel physically as good as before. Except for the worry, I now think.

Thank you very much,

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