Prostate biopsy

Prostate cancer diagnosis due to colon symptoms

Last August I had to have Emergency surgery because of blocked Bowels and then they said I have to have surgery now because I have a large mass on my Colon. So, I got through that and there was no sign of spreading but I had to wear a colostomy bag for almost a year. But then I started having pain while ejaculating so my proctologist said that it was most likely an infection. Even though my PSA was 12. He put me on antibiotics but that only lowered it to 8.8.

Prostate biopsy

So he suggested a biopsy which made me go to the ER later that night because the clots were blocking me from peeing. I didn't need to see the results I knew I had Cancer and sure enough, I did. But he said don't worry we caught it in good time. So, we went over how we would treat this and since the tumor was small he said let's wait on it until after you get your reversal for my colon. So I'm scheduled to have that done next month.

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