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Prostate Biopsy

Had biopsy March 25th, had 2 cm tumor plus additional area of concern. Was told I had a follow up tomorrow but was cancelled today due to no pathology report. Frustrated. Not happy with Drs. Office attitude.

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  • Richard Faust moderator
    3 days ago

    Hi sdemick. Just to follow up on Chuck’s comment on knowing when to look for a new doctor. My wife, Kelly, writes for one of our sister-sites (she was diagnosed with idiopathic juvenile arthritis at two years old). She wrote an article looking at signs that you may want to dump a doctor. Major problems include not being able to handle paperwork, unresponsiveness, ability to listen, and attitude. You can find the entire article here: While it was written for a different condition, I think the points hold up. The important thing to remember is that you are in charge of your care. You may want to find out what specifically happened with the report and also see if you can find assessments/comments from other patients. Hoping you get some answers soon and feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

  • Chuckcole moderator
    2 weeks ago

    sdemick, I’ve had my share of some pretty bad doctors. I had one that told me that I wasn’t even going to make 4 thing to do is get out of there go find yourself a doctor that’s going to listen to you. You’re already scared enough and frustrated you don’t have to put up with that. Try to keep a good attitude because that right there will help you. My point is you never give up you never give in. Stay strong my man. Chuck, moderator,

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