Prostate Cancer has not stopped my life!

Prostate cancer diagnosis

I was diagnosed at 59 after seeing a urologist who showed little concern with a rising PSA. My last visit was peeing in a funnel connected to a computer. My PCP said enough and sent me to another urologist who after reviewing and discussing with me scheduled a biopsy. I had absolutely no symptoms other than a PSA that had risen to about 5.5. Results: Prostate Cancer, Gleason 9 in 2 of 12 cores/ 7 in 5 of 12 cores / 6 in 1 of 12 cores. Prostatectomy 6 months after diagnosis. Pathology showed 1 lymph node out of 20 removed showed some cancer.

Prostate cancer treatment

At surgery also had 2 hernias repaired. Recovery was quick and no real side effects. No other treatment is other than Bone Scans & PSA tests regularly. 3 1/2 years no issues - then PSA showed slight rise - PET scan at almost 4 years after prostatectomy showed one small spot in pelvic area. Within 2 months of this put on ADT (Orgovyx & Abiraterone). Orgovyx proved ineffective for me after 5 weeks - Firmagon for 1 month since Salvage Radiation was scheduled to pull PSA - then switched to Lupron (6 month shot). Radiation for 2 months with very minor side effects, toughest part was ensuring bladder was full before radiation. It is now 1 year on ADT and PSA undetectable and side effects have been minimal. Mainly a hot flash once in a while, a bit of fatigue now and then.

Life after prostate cancer

I find exercise and activity very helpful in keeping side effects at a minimum. Getting good sleep, eating a healthy diet and staying in touch with my doctors through blood test monitoring and of any concerns. 5 years in a couple months since diagnosis, doctors are happy with my response and attitude.
With the exception of time for a test, scan, talk with the Dr. or original surgery it has not stopped me from anything. It's not a war to me, but a journey. When the fork in the road comes my team of Drs. give their input, I research as well, and then we choose the path.

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