My Journey: Choosing the Right Doctor

66 when diagnosed...The first PSA was 7.5. Three subsequent were 6.5...Biopsy was done, and Gleason was 4+3 and 3+4...I decided to have surgery.

Finding the right doctor

I didn't feel comfortable having surgery at my local hospital and chose UCLA...The Bible book of Prostate cancer by Dr. Walsh stressed the right doctor was the most important part of the first step...My pathology came back with 3+4 and 3+3 with no margins.

My six-month PSA came back less than 0.008...My Surgeon was Dr. Robert Reiter, and there are not enough words to say how pleased I am with him and his staff...My operation was on Dec. 14, which happened to be the day of the vaccine rollout.

Part of my new, ongoing journey

Everything went smoothly, and I am here writing a small but very important part of my new, ongoing journey...My thanks to Dr. Reiter and his staff and all of the UCLA staff for their care.

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