Prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma

Last updated: June 2022

As usual my urologist asked me to undergo biopsy when my PSA increased to 29.

Prostate Biopsy

Interesting thing is that this biopsy, PSA, etc were new words for me. Three days after the biopsy report came to me from the lab. The next day to visit the doctor with a report. My anxiety was so high that l couldn't wait till the next day. Immediately contacted my best friend who is a college lecturer.

My friend diagnosed me

He asked me to read the impression printed on the last page. There finished everything. When l read adenocarcinoma he asked me to stop. He was so stunned to hear it. He didn't say anything. Hello... Hello... I gave him my presence. "Shall l say" came from my friend? Yes, that is why l telephoned you. Again he said Shall l say. Then he said it's cancer. For half an hour he tried to console me. Then l said it's ok and let's fight and defeat cancer. It was in 2018.

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