Sex, what's that?

Of course, I knew that when my prostate was going to be removed that my "normal" sex life was over. But my doctor, who was wonderful, explained all of that to me and told my wife to come for visits, where she initially sat in the waiting room.

Sex after treatment

Then after my exam, he would call my wife into the room and explain how our sex life (or lack of) would be. The doctor was very personable, and a couple of times we left the office laughing because he was very down-to-earth. For some reason, my wife does not want me using any ED drugs, because she read online of men dying in the act (I have obliged her request). The doctor said that that may have been true many, many years ago, but it is no longer true. But she still doesn't want to - and one time was crying. The doctor turned to me and said, "Well that's ok, he doesn't look like he needs it anymore". Which of course is fun, and eased things up a bit.

No sex but alive

All joking aside, no sex is a reality. But, since my surgery, I have been able to see: both my children get married; the birth of my granddaughter; a realization for the many more important things in life, like close friends and family, and new hobbies I would have never done. Now, we look forward to a long retirement!

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