Still So Many Questions

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer a few days before Christmas. That may sound awful, but I opted to have the biopsy done as soon as my urologist recommended it, as I would never have been able to enjoy the holidays not knowing at all.

What the doctor said

The doctor said that the level of cancer is currently low and that he strongly believes that it is confined to the prostate. He recommended, "active surveillance" for a six-month period. I'm not sure that I want to wait that long, as the symptoms have not yet subsided since the biopsy.

My symptoms

I still have occasional blood in my rectum (not in my stool), still feel that I have to pee almost constantly (or that I won't make it to the bathroom in time), and I have no sex drive. I also have a strange smokey blood smell and taste about me all the time that grosses me out.

Treatment options to consider

The next options for me to consider are radiation, which could totally eradicate the cancer and leave my prostate intact. The other option would be surgery to remove the prostate, which I'd prefer not to do. But the constant discomfort and smell make me believe that I should do something sooner than later.

Questions for the community

What experiences can you share with me? And, a big question; will radiation of the tumor allow my prostate to return to its normal size?

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