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Prostate cancer diagnosis and development

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003. Biopsy revealed it was contained in the prostate. Doctors told me the minimal risk of nerve damage from a radical prostatectomy. Had the surgery in July of 2003. After surgery, the doctor told me cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.

Prostate cancer recurrence

It was not a matter of if the cancer would return but when and where. This haunted me for 20 years.Four months ago I
had a bladder infection so a PSA test was ordered. My level is 60.3. Had tests done and it was discovered that my prostate had grown back. (A mass exactly where the prostate is located). It was cancerous as well as more lymph nodes and on my hip bone.

New cancer treatment

Started monthly Lupron injections two days ago and will start radiation therapy in two months.
Has anyone else had severe neuropathy from a radical prostatectomy? Within 3 years of my surgery, I was disabled with an unknown cause of my neuropathy. Did not have chemo, radiation, or hormone therapy at that time. I have great family support and in a 23 year relationship with a great lady. I know I am a lucky guy but have days it doesn't feel like it.

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