Structured Exercise is my key.

Last updated: August 2022

Hormone therapy

I’ve been on ADT for about 5 years and I’m 75 years old. When I started ADT I was exercising at a local gym but was getting progressively weaker. I finally succumbed to the suggestions of one of the instructors at the gym and began taking structured group exercises. The first two were total body weight lifting and core classes. The loss of strength stopped and I began to get stronger. It wasn’t linear, I’d get stronger then slip back, then start getting stronger again. But the trend is definitely upwards.

Routine is important

Some days I have little energy, but others are much better. After the COVID shutdown of the gym, I came back to the same classes but began to try others. Now in addition to weights and core (2x per week), I do a yoga-inspired class (3x) for flexibility and strength, and a HIIT cycle class (2x) for cardio. Most days I feel pretty good and my cancer is not evident, but there are days when it saps my energy. I keep adjusting the mix to respond to how my body feels.

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