Surprise...Prostate Cancer

Had a pain in my groin. Doc says get an ultrasound on testicles. That led me to a urologist.

Prostate cancer diagnosis

DRE was suspicious even though my PSA had little change and was still under 4. 4K test determines "probability" that led to MRI that showed issues on the top of my prostate. Next was a biopsy that confirmed cancer. The oncologist said not a good candidate for "seeds" and recommended removal via robotic (DaVinci). During surgery, doc noticed a hernia (my original issue). Had to have this repair via conventional surgery one month later.

Currently doing well with prostate cancer

Now 14 months later and so far PSA is non-detectable. The next test is on June 17th. Life is different now. ED seems to be present but I knew that was coming before the surgery. Viagra and Cialis did nothing. Now trying the "injections". No luck so far but have not given up. Leakage is occasional but manageable My wife has been WONDERFUL! Understanding and supportive at EVERY intersection. Lucky guy!

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