The medical bureaucracy enrages and tires me

I’m about to walk over to a radiology facility to pick up the pathology reports from scans I had a week ago.

Doctor frustration

My urologist has the reports but hasn’t called me because he doesn’t get paid for phone calls. He sat on my shocking/surprise PSA of 28 for 3 weeks instead of calling me and having me in sooner. His office tried to give me a biopsy date 14 days after my second PSA (30) confirming that it wasn’t a benign situation. I had to argue for 10 days later. The urologist’s office failed to send my biopsy to insurance so one scan was canceled 20 hours in advance after I had waited 2 weeks for an opening at the facility where my urologist has a business relationship.

Insurance frustration

My insurance company said the urologist and his office were argumentative and uncooperative. Now this urologist is sitting on my pathology reports and images. I had to intervene and navigate the Byzantine your-call-is-important-to-us garbage and leave a VM bc the records ppl at the radiology facility don’t answer their phones. I don’t dare call my urologist bc the indolent, disinterested, not-my-job women - yes, women - wear me out and depress me. I despise the medical bureaucracy in this country. I despise it. There are still doctors here who think it’s 1974 and the little patient will only know what we tell them when we feel like telling them.

Ideas on improvement

There should be a personality test for the staff in every doctor’s office. If you hate the job, we won’t give you the job. Doctors who sit on reports for PSA 30, and Gleason 9 patients should lose their licenses. And cancer “communities” that ignore posters should call themselves chat rooms or message boards - not “communities”.

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