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Prostate cancer treatment desicion

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Sept 2021, and confirmed with a biopsy in Oct 2021. I chose the most aggressive treatment: radiation (4 weeks) followed by implanting radioactive beads. I was not prepared for the side effects from the Lupron injection.

Side effects of prostate cancer treatemnet

I was told the side effect would be lethargy, but turned out to be a 20% loss of muscle strength & endurance, and loss of libido. I had 4 fall down accidents over the first two months, when my quads and hamstring muscles gave out. I got the shot on June 16, 2022. I got about 10% of my strength & endurance back by Dec 31, 2022. I just got another 5% back in Oct 2023 after getting into an exercise program (aquatic aerobics combined with special exercises (personal trainer), and some weight lifting. Also, some minor libido indications. I had to contend with both frustration and depression the last half of 2022 and finally overcame it in 2023. We'll see what goes with the last 5% loss over the next several months.

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