Two years later.

Prostate cancer experience

2019..June..PSA 5.5..DRE
2019..Aug..Urologist Appointment..DRE
2019..Oct..Prostate Biopsy..which ,apart from scientific/Gleason 3+3 and 4+3, gave me UTI which lasted for 6 weeks of savage pain.

Prostate Cancer diagnosis

Various MRI and forms of investigation followed.
2000..Jan..first and only meeting with Radiation St James's hospital, Dublin...duration 1/2 hour..
Prescribed Decapetyl injections to "suppress your testosterone" plus another tablet.
2000..Aug..admitted to St Luke's, Dublin for Radiation Therapy. Emerged in October having had 37 daily treatments.
Never once was I visited by a physician but I had 2 phones from the Radiation Oncologist to see if all was OK.

Prostate cancer treatment side effects

Upon finishing therapy I gradually realized that my body was changing. My penis hurt when I never had before. I stopped having spontaneous erections in the morning. Gradually I stopped having hard erections. I could no longer engage in meaningful intercourse with my female partner. I then noticed that I had frequent diarrhea and finally I started bleeding from my Rectum. I had a bowel investigation for the bleeding and I have RT Proctitis. HOORAY...I shall see another consultant see if the bleeding can be cured.

Unhappy with prostate cancer treatment

During my last phone conversation with 'my' Radiation Oncologist, I very bluntly told the person that they destroyed old men's lives because they could and were untouchable. The treatment I received was above all reeked of deception and lies. I feel that old men are treated in this way because they are seen as a nuisance and 'somehow dirty'. I would prefer to die than to be the way I am, castrated and crippled, a once active and virile 80-year-old. When I look back I think that men who develop prostate cancer are shamed into silence as no man wants others to know that he has been castrated ..amongst other disasters. I often think that I was punished for a sin/crime which I never committed.

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