Treatment Update & Family History

As I reported back in November, a laser-guided biopsy found Gleason 4+3 cancer after a standard biopsy failed to detect it two years earlier despite a rising PSA that had been stable at 1.75 from ages 50 to 59. It rose to 6.4 at the start of treatment at age 62. I underwent 28 sessions of radiation and I am on the second 90 day Lupron shot.

Hormone therapy has been difficult

I just re-tested my PSA yesterday and it came back 0.1. While the radiation was easy to handle, the first Lupron shot was difficult to deal with, and the second is even worse, but it appears the treatment is working. I revisit the oncologist mid-May and it is expected I will be off Lupron in July.

Take control of your own destiny

I want to emphasize that you must take control of your own destiny. My first urologist declared me healthy after the first negative biopsy and genetic test, but given my family history and rising PSA, I knew better. I insisted on continuing to look for cancer and was referred to UCI where the cancer was detected and treated.

Sharing & knowing your family history

I since learned that another maternal uncle had his prostate removed at age 70 - he passed away from a stomach tumor at age 84. This means I had at least three uncles on both sides of the family with prostate cancer. Please share your history with other family members that may be affected one day!

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