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Prostate cancer diagnosis

Diagnosed with PC after PSA of 17, MRI, and needle biopsy (non-metastatic). Urologist is a Lap Rad Pro person. I opted for a less invasive procedure HIFU. Urologist is not happy and won't touch a prostate post-HIFU. Qtrly PSAs of 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.3, and 2.3 (plateaued?). After the first 2.3 a diet of alcohol/fat/sugar/caffeine/dairy/meat/etc-free in an attempt to starve cancer. Before the first 2.3 I got a PSMA Pet Scan that showed lymph node presence.

Questions about prostate cancer

My question is why isn't a PSMA procedure done immediately after cancer is confirmed in the prostate? How is a diagnosis of non-metastasis made after just a prostate needle biopsy? I also got another MRI which showed lesions in my prostate. The facility doing PSMA Pet and MRI is a training place, so diagnosis is suspect. The oncologist at the facility doesn't trust the PSMA diagnosis and HIFU Dr. doesn't trust the MRI diagnosis - thinks ablated tissue is being confused with lesions after viewing MRI images. So now I am on my own - trying to figure out what and where to go next. There are so many options and places online to investigate including foreign countries. Has anyone else experienced similar ordeals?

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