William Clyne

prostate cancer and castration

I have learned to hate the people who steered me into castration.
My GP told me nothing except push me to a Urologist. A Urologist who never mentioned that what he was directing me toward would lead to my being castrated. A savage Biopsy in St James Hospital in Dublin which led to 6 weeks of UTI.. no hygienic procedures before. Diagnosis. PSA 5.5..intermediate prostate cancer..4 plus 3. Urologist decision no surgery. Horrible female Oncology Radiation Consultant....her synopsis...you won't feel a thing..1 in 3 men will have permanent ED..however, she failed to tell me that her prescription for Decapytil was a chemical agent for castration.
37 sessions led to total castration. A most horrible experience of deceit and lies. I would rather have died than be the way I am today. William Clyne

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