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2022 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Misconceptions and Myths

Hello and welcome to this 2022 prostate cancer awareness month! This month at we are focusing on bringing awareness to the misconceptions that people hold surrounding prostate cancer.

Respond to one of the following prompts or all of them!

1. What misconceptions did you have about prostate cancer and its journey?

2. What misconceptions do you think other people have about prostate cancer?

3. What misconceptions do you think doctors have about a prostate cancer journey?

We look forward to hearing from you and this giveaway!

  1. One of the misconceptions I had was that the transition from current discoveries and research to actual treatment protocols would be of short duration.

    1. Hi . Yes, as a researcher one of the more frustrating things is finding information on promising new research and knowing that it could be years for the treatment to be publicly available. I fully understand the need for testing and that the protocols exist for a reason, but it doesn't always make it easier knowing real people are waiting for the potential benefits. Best, Richard ( Team)

  2. Things are going well so far I just have a urgent to pee

    1. The biggest misconcept I had was the journey. No one said it could be back after removal. No one explained the side-effects of radiation and hormone therapy. No one explained erections could be gone forever. No one explained PSA could start going up again after all this. I soon learned I must do my own research to find the facts and the truth about prostate cancer.

      1. Hi . There are different types of radiation therapy that carry different potential side effects. In addition, the grade of the prostate cancer can impact the nature and extent of the treatment and thus side effects. This article from our editorial team gives an overview of various radiation therapy options: (note: you may notice the article is dated 2017, however, at the bottom it is also noted that it was most recently updated in July of this year). Never hesitate to ask the doctor direct questions on side effects or options should a recurrence happen and if you are unhappy with the responsiveness seek a second opinion. Please know that guys here have been there and that this community is here for you. Best, Richard ( Team)

      2. Speaking from personal experience I had surgery for an aggressive cancer in early 2013 . All pathology reports taken during surgery indicated the surgery was a success and no signs of spread were detected. Then 5 Years later it came back and was I treated with radiation and Lupron

        Almost 5 years after radiation still no signs of a return. Am I cured? Who knows ? That said I make it a point to enjoy live the best I can and live in the moment of every day. In life we make choices that appear to be right for us at the time. What ever you choose was and is the best decision on how to approach your journey with cancer. Dennis( TEAM)

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