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after effects of radiation

wondering if anyone has experienced this after treatment for prostate cancer,
i finished 1 1/2 months ago, now having frequent small, loose bowel movements for the last 10 days or so, oncologist doesn't think it's related to treatment from radiation

  1. What you describe is not common. That said there were men in one of my support groups who clearly mentioned that their MD noted that radiation can cause the lining of the bowel to become inflamed - leading to loose and watery bowel movements.

    In my case radiation treatment inflamed some hemorrhoids. Fortunately it cleared up in a few weeks. You will mostly likely want to check back in with your current or different medical professional regarding your situation. Dennis( TEAM)

    1. i did check in with my cancer medical oncologist , she thought it was probably a virus

    2. Keep an eye on it and keep your MD's updated. Just what you don't right now or at any time ... a virus and all the things that go with it. Hang in there. Dennis( TEAM)

  2. I had the same, except it started while I was still receiving treatment. It's now 17 months since my last dose and things are much better with the help of my radiation oncologist and just learning what foods "work" with my body now. Be patient, keep asking questions and continue to figure it out. Best wishes!

    1. also, feeling pretty constant pressure in that area, this has definitely got to be from the radiation i'm thinking

    2. just curious, how long did it take for the healing to occur?

  3. Hi my radiation treatment finished in Mid April and until recently had same issue as you’ve described it. My oncologist in last visit was suggested inflammation in prostate area and also colonoscopy I did about two months ago due to some bleeding also suggested inflamed tissue in rectal area… so yes I believe what you are going through is due to treatment and will get better. If persist a consultation with gastrointestinal specialist would be a good idea.

    I’ve shared detailed information about my treatment under my thread “Sharing my Radiation Therapy Experience”

  4. thanks for the reply, did you have the space oar also? and this kind of cleared up on it's own for you?, really was nothing to do to make it better? except maybe diet and time?

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